Be Happy

If you happen to stumble across this post,
you should know this is for you
My wish, my pray for the better of you

I know, you have your own path
Your own journey; but
whatever road you end up with
please avoid being cold like me
since you’ll be lonely

I know, you face your own trouble
and hardship like any other
you’ll fall and fail to meet their expectation
don’t fret, it’s part of normal life

When you sad, frustrate, agitate
Tell someone!
don’t keep it yourself, you’ll be exhausted
and I’m afraid you’ll be indifferent about your life

Lastly, whatever road you chose
whatever stories you served 
I believe you’ll do good and happy.


Future Thougt

I remind myself over and over to savor this very moment

But my brain keep telling me to prepare for the future

For the worst might come and take everything

White Collar

People are the same nonetheless, they adapt to survive
Some hide behind boldness, blocking away critics and the
‘what will they said if I act like this’
Some just never thought about the consequences
of their actions, 
Some just doesn’t care about others
and viewing themselves as the only matter

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Why do we have to keep breathing when it hurts so much

Why do we have to keep waking up every single morning to work, putting headache aside and just turn on our robotic mode

Why do we need to mute our scream when the heart is overload, it need to let go

Why do we need to pretend everything okay when it don’t

Why do we born in the first place

Why some of us have no dream


Unknown Road

Sometimes, one path is easier than another
and the unknown road remains unknown
the what if become plural
and that’s it

You just need to stay focused on your own path
choose wisely when you stop at intersection

One day, you might be in a rush
you’ll take the nearest exist too soon
then end up regretting
but maybe you’ll be enjoying

One day, you’ll walk slowly and not in hurry
so take a look around you, and feel free to stop
then thanked yourself for keep going and breathing


New Day

Image result for spring autumn

The new opportunity for one, who expect nothing
The learning process continue for one, who enjoying
And to the girl who keep counting
The day
of pain, and struggling

It’s time to let go
and accept
something happen for a reason
and some things, you have no ability to change
and when times too rough
breath.. deeply
till you feel the air inside rinse your exhaustion

Find your blank paper
and draw it with heart
and softness
and kindness

I wish you happiness, fullness
I love you.

Be Grateful

I wake early morning, and sleep past midnight
I stretch my muscles, push my eyesight, doesn’t mind the freezing night
Everything just to keep food on your table
You should be grateful, Devi! Be grateful to me!

Do you think I contribute nothing to your success?
Are your job your everything?
Do you think you can do school without my sacrifices?
I put yours before mine
I told my neighbors, I proud of you
You are the only one, who are capable to climb from this lump
You showed them there’s a chance to go higher
Yet you don’t acknowledge me? My effort?

You are nothing without me.
You should be grateful, pay me back for what I did

Say yes!
Obey my command, you are mine
Do not talk back, lower your head, I don’t like your confidence

Aksara, 30 Oktober 2018